The CEOs Brain is a weekly (thursday night or friday mornings) newsletter where I share my candid, unfiltered thoughts on being a CEO of a venture-funded technology startup here in Silicon Valley.

It started as a personal note to friends… it’s now much bigger.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

🤔 — And why are there nearly 19,000 folks subscribed…?!

That’s actually a really good question (and I’m not sure the answer).

Instead, let me share with you why I started writing this newsletter and you can be the ultimate judge. 👩🏻‍⚖️

Once upon a time, I became a CEO of a venture backed company in San Francisco. I was wholly unprepared, especially since I’ve never really wanted the title or role.

So, I started emailing my good friends once a week, leaders who were “in the trenches” with me: CEOs, startup founders, entrepreneurs and indie app creators with whom I had gotten to know over the years and who authentically knew what THE STRUGGLE was really all about.

Hell, they were living it with me! So, I kept going—writing once a week on topics like:

  1. My experience as a serial entrepreneur and CEO of a venture-backed company here in San Francisco / Silicon Valley.

  2. How hard it can be to manage the tension of family (married 15 years with 3 kids!) and a startup.

  3. My obsession with community-building and creating software in this space.

  4. Random things that I think about.

The mileage may definitely vary depending on your needs. If you’d like a more comprehensive overview of who I am, you can find that here.

Hope you find it meaningful, refreshing, and encouraging… because that’s why I started writing this thing in the first place.

Chat soon.