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making hiring great again.

Hey friends!

This past week has been absolutely insane β€” I went into full-time recruitment mode, ending with more than 30 interviews (including follow-ups) in a single week!

If you want a peek into my "strategy" or workflow, then, I've written a quick post about that here (I'd love your thoughts on it and whether you think I can make this more streamlined or performant!):

Most people absolutely hate hiring.

Or, to be specific, they hate the process of hiring folks (e.g. starting the pipeline, building momentum, scheduling and administrative issues, candidate reviews, on-site logistics, offer letters, etc...).

I mean, even as I type those things out I bet a handful of you are slowing getting more anxious (I'm sorry)!

But, is there anything more fun and more life-giving than spending time with motivated, intelligence, and unique people that might be a good fit for your business?! I mean, it's such a privilege, honor, and rare opportunity to have access to folks who can literally transform your entire business (and life, if we want to go all the way out there...)!

Hiring is a wonderfully-painful thing that requires a lot of us because the results, when done really well, are totally fucking worth it.

So, don't forget it. Love you all. Stay the course.

To infinity and bitcoin.

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