🧠 — the CALM before the... ... ... calm.

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storms are coming?

Hey Friends!

I woke up feeling like there was a bit of electricity in the air—does that make sense? It's that feeling that you get before that big event or decision. You feel the energy and the enthusiasm as well as the anxiety and fear that it'll all go terribly wrong.

That's kind of how I feel this morning as I ponder and sit in the last remaining hours (the last full business week) of being the only full-time employee in my startup! As most of you already know, I ran a very tight (and successful!) hiring and recruiting campaign with the goal of having my first full-time staffer start February 1st.

I ran the top-of-funnel process for 30 days, had nearly 100 interviews (phone, hangout, in-person), worked that down to a very few intentional follow-ups and then met with a handful of folks onsite (flew one person in that wasn't local) for a final pass.

I sent out one (and only one) full-time offer and they accepted! I captured the moment where I signed the hiring contract on my vlog.

(I had a part-time offer that was rejected and a bunch of "verbals" that were also politely declined — thankfully, they weren't for "core" roles.)

Is this the calm before the storm? No. Why? Because, I decided to run a "calm" company where people aren't working ridiculous hours and aren't burning themselves out (the book eventually became this one here). I only ask my team to work 40-hours. That's it.

It doesn't have to be storms, all the time. It can be just... normal. Calm, even.

To infinity and bitcoin.

John Saddington
Chief Cartridge Blower (CEO of YEN)

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