🧠 — the last ✉️  newsletter of 2019...

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words not yet written.

hey folks!

Whoa—this is the last email newsletter that you'll get from me in 2019 and I've been sitting on this first sentence for far too long!

(I'll just keep writing, shall I?)

As I am wont to do, every year I spend time walking back through every single blog post that I wrote that year, giving myself time to review and reflect on those moments in time. I make sure that I have plenty of room for the emotions that might come spilling out—sometimes it gets pretty gross.


And, while I do that, I'm naturally reminded of how powerful and important it is for me to capture my thoughts and feelings while they are, generally-speaking, fresh in my mind; I try to capture something on (digital) paper within the first 24 hours of a significant event so I don't lose the moment while it's a bit more readily available in my memory and brain.

(Perhaps this is the year that you start writing... something... anything...? Here's how I'd start a new blog if I'd start over today.)

But, the most important blog post(s) are the ones that I never get to write, the ones that never truly escape my head and that never find a public home for all to see and read.

Instead, those posts are kept behind lock-and-key, tightly stored in the chambers of my heart where only the Creator and I can chat about them.

I'm beginning to (slowly) understand that a powerful angle of "authenticity" is knowing what not to share when given the option as there are just some things that defy meaningful expression.

Perhaps that's what 2020 will be all about...? What are you most excited about in 2020?

I'd love to hear from you.

To infinity and bitcoin.

John Saddington
Chief Cartridge Blower (CEO of YEN)

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