🧠 — them's the breaks, yo.

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them's the breaks, yo.

Hey Friends!

From one CEO to another, I find that the most common insecurities are also most heavily-guarded. For instance, anxiety about the future of your business is totally reasonable and, consequently, very common. Boring.

And yet we simply don't talk enough about how scared we might be, at times, when we don't know if things are going to work out the way that you had hoped they would.

For instance, my new employee was presented with a very large counter-offer to stay in his place of employment immediately following his announcement to his team. They shared this in confidence with me and I appreciated his candor and transparency and we chatted through it.

In the end, he was excited to come onboard and work side-by-side with me for the next season of our careers and his first day was yesterday, January 30th.

But, at night, when the only conversation partner is your own 🧠... I start to doubt everything. I imagine him quitting and going back to his old company. I imagine him resigning and going some place else, especially when he realizes how incompetent I really am! I mean, I can't seem to do anything rightithiht htiah dsifasd ff ajsdf k jasfl;ka sjdf;kja s;dfja;ls fjkal sdf j;alsj kf;al sdfd!

Or, something like that.

It is totally reasonable for me to have a moment of anxiety when it comes to the folks that you hire. It's totally reasonable to be scared that your investment of time and attention to the candidate experience and your carefully-crafted interview workflow might not have been good after all. It's totally reasonable to believe that they'll leave because (fill in the blank).

I mean, it might really happen. Because, that's life. Them's the breaks.

And you and I will survive, we'll continue to put one foot in front of the other, and we'll grind it out.

To infinity and bitcoin.

John Saddington
Chief Cartridge Blower (CEO of YEN)

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