🧠 — ...when things actually work.

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something worked last week.

hey friends!

i'll just hit you straight: a few things actually worked last week and it's been just enough to honestly keep me going.

the hardest part about building a startup is recognizing the fact that no one is going to push you harder than you're going to push yourself.

for most of us, this internal driver / motivator is everything and it's how we get most of our stuff done. what we oftentimes forget is that it's useful for 99% of things but that 1% is what will kill you.


the 1% is:

  • ... the late night work sessions when you feel as if you're the only one awake in the entire world. it's spooky, lonely, and sometimes even downright scary.

  • ... when you realize (or remember) that no one really holds you accountable for anything and that you have to create these systems for yourself (but you never want to).

  • ... when you feel as if there's no one to talk to about your "founder-only" problems (the reality is that this is actually a lie and you shouldn't believe it for one second).

  • ... when you aren't sure what you're actually supposed to do "next"... and everyone is staring at you as if you have a clue.

... i could go on.

these moments are common place, everyday things. what's nice, though, is when you get a little bit of a break and the clouds part and the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound (from the movies) as the light shines down on your silly little face and you check your inbox and...

OMFG. something actually worked...! (did it? i'm holding my breath... i should double-check... ... no... that's not possible...!)

last week, i had one of those and that's all i've got moving into this coming week (yen.camp).

... damn it feels good to be a gangster.

To infinity and bitcoin.

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