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we are worthy.

hey folks!

I was literally sitting here and I realized that tomorrow (or today?) is Friday... which means that I owe all of you another newsletter.

No, don't get me wrong: I'm not upset about that in the slightest as I love building what we're building and I really like some of you a lot. Some, just some.


I've had a good day, okay? Can you tell it by my words that I'm writing and the way that I'm writing it? Was it the obvious "LOL" a line before? I'm not sure, but, I am feeling... what's the word... relieved.

Why? Because I'm worthy.

And so are you.

You know, I bet... ... ... ... ... I bet it's been some time since someone actually said those words to you, right? Give that a thought. When was the last time someone said these three words to you?

You are worthy.

Yo. In fact, for some of you, I may be the very first person to ever say those words to you, directly, at... you.

Now, what exactly are you worthy of? Here are a few things, for starters:

  1. You are worthy of being loved.

  2. You are worthy of working with people that respect you for who you are.

  3. You are worthy of doing work that you enjoy, at least most of the time (hey... no job is perfect!).

  4. You are worthy of being compensated fairly for your work.

  5. You are worthy of the challenges that you face.

  6. You are worthy of the pain that you've experienced and carry.

  7. You are worthy of the choices that you've made.

  8. You are worthy of being able to overcome those choices.

  9. You are worthy of being loved for them, despite the outcomes.

  10. You are worthy of having someone to share these things with, the good and the bad.

The work that we do is incredibly hard, back-breaking at times. And if we do it alone we will suffer more than we really need to. Being worthy means that others are too. They are worthy of your love, respect, attention, and time.

Let's make it count folks.

To infinity and bitcoin.

John Saddington
Chief Cartridge Blower (CEO of YEN)

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