10 Ways to Be (More) Happy...

... that actually work; at least for me.

Hey friend,

We haven’t talked all week! I did get your message though and I’m sorry I’ve been slow on response; as you know, it’s been a bit “fucked” around here. BUT! I am enjoying the vlog (again) and I’m glad it made you laugh; we’ll have to laugh in-person soon-ish.

Someone asked me if I was “happy” the other day and I said that, on the whole, I was genuinely happy about my life; satisfied is another useful word that seems to “fit” snugly; neatly perhaps. I know that you and I talk about this topic all the time.

And… as you might imagine I tried to make a list of things that have helped me become more happy over the years — hopefully it’s helpful:

  1. Be clear on your “Yes” and your “No” and your “Not anymore!”

  2. You cannot escape your “Default Settings”; the more quickly you learn to love yourself in a comprehensive way, the more happier you’ll become.

  3. Goals are useful but only if they are actually yours; not someone else’s.

  4. Productivity “looks” and “feels” different for every single person. Find the right look / feel and then optimize.

  5. Simple systems work best; Occam’s razor is very useful. This simplifies decision making which makes me happy because I don’t waste time.

  6. Self-care is important; prioritizing this has taken nearly 4 decades, but, I am more happy now with my systems than I was when I was younger.

  7. Having a few friends who really know me has made me happier than being “widely known” or sub-culturally famous; the latter has a true hollowness to it.

  8. Your physical environment dramatically improves happiness; iterate daily.

  9. Having an authentic, personal mission has made me more happy; I definitely recommend spending intentional time trying to “land” this plane.

  10. There are no real rules to becoming sustainably happy.

What about you?

— john