A Single Testimonial...

... is all that you need.

Good morning friends!

I woke up to @shl’s tweet above and that was the very thing that’s been on my mind this week as I’ve made some wide-sweeping changes to our project.

For instance, this week:

  1. We updated our homepage with language that should be more simple and more clear in terms of what we’re building and the problem that we’re looking to tackle.

  2. I’ve changed the cohort-based model for our customers to an on-demand version of our successful YEN.CAMP experience. We’ve now had over 2 dozen folks walk through the experience!

  3. I’ve opened up our private group for more folks to join our business-building and community-building… community! We’ve already got a new member joining us next week.

  4. I’ve decided on a complete rewrite of our core platform! We’re not entirely sure the cost of this change, but, it’ll take a while to get back to feature-parity with our existing platform’s experience. This major cost will be substantial, but, should put us in a much better long-term position.

By the way… I have NO IDEA if any of these big changes in the past week are going to actually “work” in the way(s) that I hope, but, I have to move forward strongly, regardless of how I feel.

But, the one thing I can control is the quality of the experience that I’m offering our early customers and community members my goal is to make just a few people EXCEEDINGLY happy about the experience.

If you can pull that off, then, you can get some amazing testimonials like this. And, once you have one (or two or three) of those, it’s often more than enough lift to keep things moving in the right direction.

A single testimonial, for a lot of early-stage startups, is all you really need.

Let’s keep going.