AMA on Email Newsletters...


Hey friend,

Two things…

First, I’m doing an AMA on Email Newsletters and if you’ve got a burning question… I’d love to answer it. I have a few more thoughts on this here, if you want more context of my thinking.

But, that’s not the main point of today’s newsletter…

What I really want to do is to just tell you that I believe in what you’re doing and that I fundamentally believe in you. I believe that you can (and will) succeed.

And, I know that this isn’t just wishful thinking — people just like YOU and ME have done some pretty amazing stuff with their lives and they didn’t have much more than we do. As Steve Jobs once-famously said:

Everything around you… that you call life… was made up by people that were no smarter than you.

That’s why I believe in you. That’s why I hope and pray that you don’t give up.

I just wanted you to know that… … … … and… you know… some of us haven’t heard these things said to us in a really, really long time.

To infinity & community,

— john