Big Wins...

... take a long time.

Hey friend,

Exhausted. I know you are and I know I am. And, as you know (and as we’ve chatted about on zoom, hangouts, facetime, etc…)… I’m over the election nonsense; our house is burning and we need a break.

And, like you, I’ve been looking for distractions… enough with the #doomscrolling.

Thankfully, I’ve had one: I was able to make a significant, technical hire! And, I’m so proud of my team as we ran a tight, sub-2-week process from end-to-end:

Our new engineer will start November 30th — I couldn’t be happier.

This “feels” like the “missing piece” of our current team and I’m now spending time making significant adjustments to my calendar and commitments to effectively “create space” for this new addition to the squad.

It’s taken me a year… a full year to really reset this business and get it back on track — that’s a long time, isn’t it? Feels like it. But, big wins usually take a long time.

To infinity & community,

— john