Biz Ops and Me...

... and you... and you... and you...

Hey friends,

Let me just jump right into it…:

  1. Many of us already know how to build community and build a product that people want… but many of us aren’t nearly as adept in business operations — this is an ever-increasing area of focus for me and a small group that I moderate on Indie Hackers is growing. In fact, I argue that business operations may be the “missing link” for a lot of startups and founders who are trying to get to PMF! It goes without saying: I have very strong feelings about this.

  2. I’ve been recruiting hard for a full-stack / FE Engineer and it’s as hard as it sounds (as many of you know).

  3. I’m booting up a second newsletter for my community-minded peeps — if you want a sneak peek or want to help me brainstorm how we can make it amazing, just reply to this email and lmk.

Love you all. Stay the course.