Building a 10+ Year Company...

... is pretty cool.

Hey friends.

As you know, I’ve been slowly putting things back together and I’ve had a few start-stops, if you know what I mean.

(╬ ಠ益ಠ)

But, the one thing that I’m more sure of now is that no hire is worth compromising the long-term vision of the company, even if they are a “rockstar” or “ninja” or whatever-the-fuck people call “uber-talented” folks these days (all of those monikers are stupid and I hope you’re not using any of them in your job descriptions…).

In other words, I’ve never been this picky when it comes to hiring new staffers, which, is hard to say aloud because I always want to be super-picky but I compromised some of my long-term vision for my company for short-term gains — I don’t want to do that anymore, if I can help it.

What do I mean by “long-term”? Glad you asked. What I mean is that I’m building the company of my dreams which means that I’m going to be doing this for the next 10+ years, at the very least! I can afford to be super-picky and even “slow” on hiring if I can’t find the absolute best fit possible, given my situation, burn, and objectives.

Yada yada yada.

The reality is that I’ve never really held that attitude as concretely as I do now for YEN — and that changes everything. It means, at the very least, that I’ve identified a problem that I’m absolutely obsessed with and until I feel like I’ve solved it I simply won’t stop — can’t stop, won’t stop.

It’s been a long-time coming, that’s for sure.

Are you building the company that you want in 10+ years? If the answer isn’t an immediate and visceral “FUCK YEAH!!” then I think you and I should have a chat…

Stay the course brothers & sisters.