Building a Business is Easy...

... loving on a community is hard.

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With that… here’s today’s brainpan 🧠…

My friend, Casey, dropped this absolute #truthbomb on me on a recent vlog and I’ve been marinating on it for a few days.

I mean, he’s not wrong.

Changing the direction of a company or even changing the product that you’re building is relatively easy—it takes nothing more than a few, intentional decisions and then a commitment to move forward—I’ve already done this three times now since I first started the company and every single company that I’ve built has required at least one pivot to really nail something that truly addresses an open and willing market.

In short, it just takes a while to “land the plane,” as they say. Seriously. If you’re still in the first (or second!) year of your project, you may just need to… keep going.

Perseverance is in short-supply, these days (as well as courage). Remember, be resilient and anti-fragile; be formidable.

But remember, there are people involved and some of these folks will not head where you’re headed and that’s totally fine! Often, in the early days, when you pivot the product it means that you are also pivoting the company and, oftentimes, the community as well.

I’ve had to (re)learn this lesson afresh and it can sting, at times.

Your community needs you just like you need your community. But, make sure you choose wisely the “right” folks because your business, literally, depends on it.

Stay the course friends,