Costly Experiments...

... and how to not fuck them up... just kidding.

Hey folks.

Yes, a period. Why? Because, I’m tired. I’m baked. I’m cooked. I’m done. I’m… really, quite satisfied with the week. Can I pat myself on the back? Eh…

Regardless, I’m happy with the start of an important and costly experiment that I’ve booted up this past week — a new community-centric newsletter that a handful of you helped test-drive!

😍 — Really appreciate that, by the way!

Thank you Will, Xavier, Dale, Anna, Gigado, Alex, Brendan, Nolan, Josh, Mac, Martin, Sincus, Harsha, Casey, and a few others! That meant a lot to me.

But, seriously… another newsletter?! Yes. And, the investment is real as I’m starting the experiment by publishing content daily… … *ahem* … … 5 days a week.


Does that even make any sense? Well, frankly… yes. Newsletters have been “a thing” for a long, long time — I would know since I’ve been writing them for 10+ years and every project that I’ve ever worked on counted on newsletter(s) as a critical, must-have content marketing and community-building tools.

(Want to see how I put YEN.FM newsletter together? I’ve written a deep-dive here!)

Here’s the thing: You can reduce the cost of any (expensive) experiment by the degree of certainty you have of the outcome(s). For instance, in the case of newsletters for technology-enabled businesses, they can provide a proven, net-positive bump to your bottom-line. Yes, that’s revenue.

I mean, shit. If you’re even reading this sentence here you’ve proven my point! You’re reading a newsletter that’s related to my professional work which will help grow my business over the long-run.

And there are nearly 19,000 of you; go figure. Love you all.

To infinity & community,

— john