Every Decision Counts...

... and your team won't forget the decisions you've made for them this week.

Hey folks,

By now it’s clear that the covid19 pandemic is here to stay and we’ve all be forced to think through everything in our lives; nothing is “out of bounds” for this virulent virus.

Which means that you and I have really big decisions to make—in fact, you and I have probably already had to make them, right?

A few things that we’re all thinking about as leaders in our orgs:

  1. Burn Rate: Am I spending the right amount of money given the insane changes that have occurred in the last week? What do I have to cut?

  2. Staff: Closely tied to #1 is not only the question of “what” but “who” — is everyone absolutely essential to your business right now? Ooph. Fuck this question. I hate having to even think about it. Reduce salaries? Layoffs? Ugh.

  3. Product: Am I building the right product right now? Given the momentous opportunity for distributed-first, remote-first work, now might be a good time to revisit the proverbial roadmap.

  4. Health: Is my team healthy? Are they doing okay? No, seriously. How the hell are they really doing?

It’s actually #4 that’s weighing the most on my own mind and heart. I know that even my small team (and community) is struggling under the weight of these many changes.

Now’s the time to give grace gratuitously, everywhere you go. Why? Because every decision counts and your team will never forget the decisions you’ve made this week, especially when it comes to them and the impact that it has on their lives (at home).

Treat them well. Give them time to “get things figured out” at home and in their personal lives. Everyone is struggling and it’s important that we never forget the people that we serve, especially when we find ourselves struggling less.

This week is a test of your leadership—don’t fuck this up. You got this.