Finding Peace in the Storm...

... or not losing your shit when things break.

Hey friend,

I know we’ve been a bit out of touch but that’s mostly because you’re in the process of fundraising and I’m busy launching a major technical project that’s got a fuckton broken:

… while preparing for another 6 months of publishing content, daily to a growing audience… … while also trying to figure out two logistical moves for the fam.


I know, shit is crazy right now! And if I was fundraising I think I’d lose my mind; so, good luck with that (although I know you’ll do fine because you have so many amazing investors already; you got this girl!!).

But, like you said the other day: Finding a moment of peace in the storm is oftentimes more than enough to carry the full weight and burden of said storm. I’m finding it in my own ways this week and I’m relying on a great team and a strong community to make it through.

The answer, as you and I already know, is relationships. Often, a single word or even an honest convo is all that we need. Maybe this note can be that for you?

I believe in you. I believe that what you’re doing is important and meaningful. I know that it’s hard and I know that it doesn’t always look like you’re going to make it. But, you and I know that you will. Like you have before.

Peace, love, and hugs.

To infinity & community,

— john