Focus is in Short Supply...

... and if you blink, you die.

Hey friends,

What a week. What a cray cray week. I mean, for starters, I had two difficult days back-to-back where I essentially screamed at my children — in short, animated bursts — because I was having a major anxiety episode.

Eww. That’s so gross.

I’m not proud of any of that but my brain doesn’t always do what I want it to do; my cognitive and mental batteries drain quickly and anything that isn’t absolutely critical must be avoided or dismissed or rejected outright, for the sake of everyone who has to deal with me.

“Deal” is probably the right word, by the way. One of my investors requested, very casual-like, some numbers from me; nothing fundamentally wrong with that:

Investors will make these requests, sometimes as often as once-a-quarter, so they can update their internal benchmarks and financials for their portfolios, usually to prepare for their own raise for the next fund.

Well, that’s fine and all but I don’t have that much time to give these days as I’m fighting for the survival of the biz. And this investor (and I do like this one, which is rare!) knew that he didn’t have the “info rights” based on his last investment / check-size.

So, he wanted a phone call as an alternative, “if at all possible” — appreciate the “out” as they say! So…:

There’s just nothing much more of a story to tell, to be honest. We have $0 (recurring) revenue, zero users (in the new platform), zero engagement (b/c we have zero users) and we’re as trim as we can financially but, as I shared in last week’s issue, come January 2022, we’re DOA.

That’s why I can’t fucking blink right now, not even for a catch-up. He’ll figure out a way to “deal” with his investors… just like I’m “dealing” with mine right now.

We’re all just trying to survive!

I’m not sad or upset and I’m not mad at him and I hope he’s not mad at me. Later, we will all joke about these moments and we’ll slap one another on the back and laugh-out-loud about the stupidity of it all…

… but, until then… I have work to do.

To infinity & community,

— john