Good Investors Do This...

... all the rest fuck you.

Hey friend,

It’s been a hot-minute!

I know, I know… we’re both super-busy right now but I promise to give you a call today; maybe right after I send you this small note (we can talk about it — I’d love that).

I had a shitty convo with my lead investor on Monday who sunk my psychological and emotional ship for the better half of the day. I wasn’t feeling well to begin with and having a quick, demoralizing chat with the person who’s given me the most money for the project is a bit of a mind-fuck.

And that’s the point:

A good investor is someone who leaves you feeling more confident about your chances and injects courage in the areas that are needed for the founder. Anything other or less than this is a total wash.

The VC’s job is to provide support for the founder — when they need and when they ask for it — or they should just shut the fuck up:

In a lot of ways it’s about “doing no harm” to your investments, which, when I say it aloud it makes me giggle because most VCs haven’t really put this together… yet.

Great investors have walked the path; they know how hard this is and they want to minimize anything that gets in the founder’s way. And they certainly don’t waste the founder’s time.

Ugh. I’m so disheartened. Nearly all my investors in my current project have let me down in significant, unforgettable ways. The job of a founder is lonely, even and especially if you have a big(ger) team.

Don’t lose heart; many of them don’t know any better.

To infinity & community,

— john