Hiring, Humans.

The hardest (and most rewarding) part of our job.

Hey friend,

This week… yikes. What.

For starters, I have successfully completed the first-week of our newest employee’s life at the company and the brand-spankin’ new onboarding plan that I had devised hasn’t broken down.

Fantastic! No one died!

☠️ … 🤦🏻‍♂️

Fred, by the way, is super-cool.

And, as a result of our successful first week… I’ve decided to hire more humans! Specifically, undergraduate-sized ones, if that’s your thing right now.

But, the point is… I’m exhausted but I love what I get to do. I get to lead people and together we get to do some pretty cool shit with our lives.

What a privilege and honor that really is — I appreciate and am more grateful for that truth the older I get…

… and the harder this job becomes.

Who are you hiring these days and what’s your biggest “relationship challenge”? Maybe I can help. Maybe not. If so, I’d like to try.

To infinity & community,

— john