How I Got Rich...

... and became chill as fuck.

Hey friends,

I lied. I’m still posting shit here (and here and here). But, it will all end this year… or, something like that. I think. Fuck, who knows.

Anyways… I found some time this weekend to write, publish, and share more details on the financial system that I use for my family that has given us real financial freedom.

… and yes, if this sounds crazy then take a ticket and get in line because you wouldn’t be the first to tell me that. But, here’s the thing: I can’t lie about this stuff because it actually works. It’s literally how I built a my family’s bank account in the last 6 years and how we paid for everyday stuff and how we’re able to do stuff like this.

My life (and my family’s life and financial position) is nothing short of a testimony to the power and effectiveness of bitcoin. I didn’t convert digital “magic money” into just “digital dollars” and fucked about… I bought food, clothing, and shelter with it.

Real. Sound. Money.

Like I said in this other newsletter, take your time… learn the game… and do small, insignificant tests to dip your toe into the water. There isn’t ANY pressure here…

… but I do want you all to win. Like, fucking kill it. I’m here to serve you. Let me know if you have any questions.

To infinity & bitcoin,