I'm Scared of 2021...

... and I'm not even kidding.

Hey friend,

Yoooooooooo. I am so sorry. This week has been insane for me! As you know, we’re getting closer to launch — I mean, shit — we did launch… … it’s just under-wraps as I make some hot-fixes and build in production…

… and the truth is that I haven’t slept for a week and a half straight. I’ve been getting better each day, but, it was all leading up to today… and… my team fucking killed it — I’m so proud of them.


Remember when I told you a few months back that the biggest thing missing from our fundamental culture was a significant, shared win? Today… I was able to deliver on that promise that we’d get one before the year was done:

Now, I’ve probably aged 10 years, but, this mattered a ton to me. As you know, one full year ago (!!!) I sat in a coffee shop writing this newsletter to you and, honestly, I wasn’t sure if I could do it — I mean, read that issue

… now… NOW, you have the real context my friends.

You see, one year ago I was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to pulling the fucking pin and I was convincing myself that I was worthy of having good things because… well… I simply was having a hard time stomaching the idea.

2019 was the year, as you know, I nuked my company. Started it from scratch. 2020 was when the world nuked itself. And some folks don’t understand why, in a real and serious way, I’m actually frightened out of my goddamn mind about what 2021 might bring... … lulz.

But, I know we’ll get there and we’ll get through it, together.

To infinity & community,

— john