Integrity Compounds...

... and at some point it tips.

Hey friend, did you see what Chamath tweeted?

Fuck, he never tip-toes:

And thank goodness; because what he says is true. Robinhood is not exactly living up to their brand and mission, are they:

I won’t even lie: The growing list of controversies and legal troubles are a kind, swift, and strong reminder that our character matters and that our integrity is really, truly, everything. And… at some point… it will all catch up to us and we shouldn’t be taken by surprise.

You and I don’t become liars overnight… just as we don't get caught immediately for most things; it's through the slow degradation of our moral compass and the compounding effects of those decisions over time.

You know; it’s turning the not-so “blind eye” to half-truths or making compromises consistently until we no longer wince or hesitate when the “issue” comes up; we’ve already programmed ourselves to do the wrong thing.

And this frightens the fuck out of me as a startup founder because I know that I’m not any better than anyone who attempts this high-wire act. I know that you know that too. We’re just as human as the next person and, when push comes to shove, there’s a good chance that I’ll eat your lunch too if it gives me another year of runway.

Fuck, see?! I mean, it’s not a question of “if” but “when” — in fact, we’re facing some of those decisions and issues right now in our organizations, right? We’ve got some staffing issues… we’ve got operational issues… we’ve got cultural decay… we’ve been silent when we should have spoken up… we’re scared.

But our company’s life is at stake! This is our baby that we promised we’d take care of and we promised we’d do it right; for our families, our teams, our investors, and most importantly for ourselves.

Cause I never want to be the asshole.

To infinity & community,

— john