It's okay to dream a little...

... since "the dream" is what keeps us hungry, focused.

Hey friends,

I connected with a few of you this week because… as you know, I needed a good slap in the face. Sometimes I can get so hard on myself for no reason other than to… get down on myself. I’m not exactly sure the trigger, but, it probably has something to do with my past… being adopted… you know, early-childhood trauma and shit.

It’s real — I’m not poo-poo’ing it… but, for whatever reason, I got “in the dumps” this week about myself, the startup, my employees… everything.

Thankfully, with a bit of perspective and some great convos, I’m back but I wanted to share with you the gem that helped me walk through those strange and weird feelings: I began to dream again.

Not the nighttime dreams… but, you know, the ones about a better future, the things you want for yourself and your family and those you love and cherish.

I realized that I had forgotten to dream big dreams. I had forgotten to allow myself the pleasure of thinking positively about my future. I had forgotten to appreciate what I’ve got now that allows me to dream in the first place.

We are destined for greatness, you and I. I was reminded of it this past week and I have no intentions of letting that go.

Love you all,