Just. Keep. Going.

... and we'll be fine. I think.

Hey friends!

I did a screencast yesterday where I (re)built (or recreated) my current landing page — a React app / page — into WordPress. It was pretty fun and I’m grateful that I was able to successful work through this timebox.

As you know, “success” in an early-stage startup is difficult to quantify and/or qualify — I mean, at any point in time I can simultaneously feel “fine” about where we’re at with the business and project and also “entirely freaked out” about everything.

The only solution that I know when I encounter this (mental) dynamic and roadblock is to continue to move forward… one… step… at… a… time.

And then, we don’t stop.

This doesn’t mean that we need to burn out, of course. But, it means that showing up is just as good as “killing it” — go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back that you woke up, put your shoes on the right feet, and managed to check your email without blowing your brains out.

I think we’ll do just fine.

Love you all — keep going.