Leaning Into Your Superpowers...

... or deciding on what they will, can, and should be.

Hey friends!

It feels like ages since I last sent you something! But, I know that that’s not true because I can just look back at last week’s update and… voila! It’s right there.

The reason it feels like forever is because I’ve effectively doubled the amount of writing that I do in any given week (if not more than that). The new email newsletter is performing better than expected and I’m happy for the results, but, it is costing me quite a lot of time.

The question that a few of you asked me — quite directly, in fact — is whether or not this is going to be worth the investment of my time over the short and long-term.

That, my friends, is a good question.

The answer, sadly, won’t satisfy: I simply don’t know if it’ll create the type of return on my investment as I hope. But, something that I can say with a fair amount of empirical evidence is that when you lean into your superpowers, magical things happen.

✨ — Sparkles, I know.

But, I am quite serious and many of you already know what this looks and feels like; the sense of calm around one’s work, knowing that it’s something that you, on the whole, do measurably well AND it is simultaneously something that you enjoy and find vigorously fascinating.

Writing does that for me. I mean, gives me fucking chills. I’m not kidding you.

I’m not the most elegant of writers (clearly) but I do enjoy sharing my thoughts and I have discovered that when I do this I can create outsized value for the folks that read, consume, and digest it.

What a wonderful feeling that is. Smells good too. Value. Mhmmm.

To infinity & community,

— john