Looking Back on My 20's...

... as I finish out my 30's.

Hey friends,

I published a somewhat rambling sequence of thoughts earlier this week as I surveyed what I thought my twenties were supposed to be versus what they actually became as well as what I thought my thirties were going to be about versus what it’s actually been like… if that makes any fucking sense.

Some folks found this useful:

The TL;DR: is this:

My 20’s were about the WHAT while my 30’s have been about the WHY and the WHO — this has made all the difference.

So, hit me friends — does this resonate? What did you think your 20’s were supposed to be and what was it actually like and about? How have your 30’s been? I know that we’ve chatted about this a few times before, but, it was useful to think through it all once more.

Love you all, chat with some of you (zoom) soon.