... hear me roar.

Hello friend,

We had some fun chats this week! I really appreciate you being able to handle my insanity, especially when I go off the deep-end. And I’m glad that I never have to explain my fucked-up behavior when I delete my entire contact list and then regret it immediately afterwards as I sit in my own anxiety and shit.

But, that’s another topic entirely.

I recently went under a (re)branding exercise and the result is that I’m fully jacked into @8BIT and I honestly feel unleashed. Something either fundamentally “broke” in my brainpan this past week or I underwent some serious “positive disintegration”:

He also noted that all creative people who have left the positive mark on the world — especially artists, philosophers, moral exemplars and saints — frequently struggled with similar psychological difficulties which, painful as they were, often enriched their characters, stimulated their creativity, and propelled their development.

Thus rather than pathologize such symptoms, or otherwise make his patients conform to the status quo, Dabrowski stressed their positive value as both harbingers and mechanisms of personality development.

His clinical experience led him to develop the Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD), which posits that, far from being destructive and undesirable, many forms of psychological suffering — anxiety, depression, doubts, inner conflicts, even psychosis — are positive and necessary for emotional and personality development.

More often than not, they are expressive of the emerging understanding of the multilevel nature of reality, inner and external, and, related, an objectively existing hierarchy of human values.

This understanding becomes a basis of personality growth through positive disintegration.

The result? I came back to the vlog:

And I hope you join me in this next season of life! I’ll be headed back into San Francisco properly while continuing to build my venture-funded startup. I’m going to functionally “split” my family in two separate teams (“Red Team” and “Blue Team” — 🤣) with half of us headed up the bay and the other half headed off the mainland and towards Hawaii. I mentioned this previously but shit is getting real.

Like, really-real:

I’m tired (and I haven’t even hit the hard part yet). Love you. Wish we could spend more time with one another but I know that time will come soon-ish.

If you like praying, I could use some… b/c I like stacking chips.

To infinity & community,

— john