Momentum Begets Momentum

And you always know when you have it... or not.

Hey folks!

This past week was a doozy — I hope yours was just as fruitful! To give you some perspective, this time last week I had ~$500 in MRR and now we’re more than double that! We’re now looking at > ~$1.1K in MRR and I can literally feel the momentum growing every single day.

And, as you know, this is literally what moves early-stage projects forward: Momentum really does beget momentum! You know when you have it and you definitely know when you don’t; you know, that terrible feeling of knowing that you’re “doing stuff” but you’re not entirely sure if it’s the right work (or focused work).

Our challenge as operating leaders is to continually create velocity and momentum for our project and team. How do we do this in the best way possible? The only way that I know how is to have an extremely high-level (and amount) of communication throughout my organizational stack.

In other words, at any point in time, I’m over-communicating the things that I’m doing and the areas of work that’s demanding my time and attention. It means that I tell people what I’m doing and for how long and what the expected outcomes should be.

Need a bulleted-list? Okay, I can do that for you (because I like you so much):

  1. Tell people what you’re doing every single day.

  2. Tell them how long you’re doing it (time-table or time-box or some sort of start / stop timeframe).

  3. Share with them what you expect (or hope) the outcome will be for that investment of work.

That’s it.

Why this works is because you now have enough data points to actually… you know, mathematically, calculate things like velocity and momentum. Because… math.


I was reflecting on this in yesterday’s vlog:

Essentially that’s my job, as a CEO and founder: All I do is talk. My job is to be the prime communicator.

It is what it is.

Creating momentum, at least in the beginning, is almost entirely manufactured; it starts with you. So, let’s get going.

Love you.