Moving Day...

... sucks.

Hey friends,

This week — and weekend — is “moving day(s)”! As many of you know, we’ve packed stuff up in our Glen Park (San Francisco) house and we’re headed much further south, on the southern part of San Jose, closer to Los Gatos.

Can I just be candid with you all? I’m tired as fuck.

I need a long-ish break. Running a startup is hard. Adding “life” on top of that can sometimes make it nearly-unbearable.

This is, of course, strange to say since my “life” includes all of my wonderful family & friends, but, it’s not uncommon for my behavior to reveal my real (temporary?) priorities in this season of my life.

Ooph — that’s pretty sobering.

When what we believe aligns with our behavior, we can find real peace; harmony even in our daily lives. And when things break down we begin to feel the pain, the anxiety, and the tension… the disconnect.

It’s time to get back to the source.

Love you all,