Ninety Days...

... and counting.

Hey friends!

A quick note as we wind down the first day of May, 2020…

… I’m happy to share that my one and only full-time employee has *gasp* survived 90 days since inception! It’s always an important milestone and an especially sweet one because without Willie we wouldn’t be where we are today.

90 days ago I found myself very alone in my work but excited to start building, once again, because Willie was about to have his first day.

From there we had a number of highs and a great deal of lows as we learned to relate, communicate, and generally get along—adding any new human to the mix is hard and the first one is the most important as it’s a literal barometer on your culture and operating virtues.

In other words, the first employee (or “employee zero”) demands that I ask myself the hard questions, like: “Are we who we say we are?

I’ve been stretched and even broken a bit in the last 90 days as I, again, (re)learned how to be a manager—every single time is different because every single time the people change—that’s just how it works!

This time around I’m feeling just a tad bit more confident; probably because I’m just been beat up enough to recognize the (coming) patterns.

In our 1-on-1 today it was clear that he and I were happy with the arrangement and would definitely continue forward, together, bravely, into the great unknown.

90 days… and counting.