One Thing That Scares Me...

... and one thing that doesn't.

Hey friends.

Here’s something that I’ve been thinking about that scares me to death:

Building an organization that I’m not proud of.

This is especially relevant given today’s socio-political and racially-charged environment where intolerance and injustice is front-and-center: No leader can ignore these issues if they employ other humans in business!

An organization that I can be proud of is one that is diverse from the get-go and intentionally seeks to promote and advocate for those who have had historically less of a platform available to them than others.

I’m not sure how that is going to happen, but, it’s something that’s on my mind.

And, the one thing that I’m not scared about is talking about “all of this” stuff publicly. Our friends, our neighbors, our families are suffering. Some of you are suffering, badly, right now (and I wish I could give you a big hug and just sit and listen to your story).

Black Lives Matter.

You don’t have to add or subtract anything to it… and if you feel like you need to, then, you can go fuck yourself and unsubscribe.