But They Said SF Was Dead...

... or on the way out.

Hey friend,

As you already know, I’m headed back into SF and I’m already putting offers in on a few spots that I feel make the most sense for the next season of my life…

… with just a teenager.

But, whatever. The point is that buying something in SF is not like the other places that I’ve owned a home — the first in Austin, Texas and the last in Atlanta, Georgia. Owning something here in San Francisco will complete the circle… I suppose.

3 children in 3 different states in 3 different homes…? Or something like that.

The first property had 15 bids and went 32% over-asking price. What in the serious fuck. There’s just no way that property was worth that amount of juice. Shit. Shit!

My dream is to own a small piece of San Francisco (specifically on Folsom in The Mission… but that’s for another time) but to start I don’t mind being anywhere there’s good access to public transpo and allows my daughter to finish High School without having to travel too far.

Thank goodness for electric scooters.

To infinity & community,

— john