Smells Like Revenue...

... and it's always green.

Hey friend,

This is my last update of the year — I’ll keep it short… mostly because my fingers are really tired from writing a ton in the last few days, like…

  1. Most important YEN.FM issues I wrote in 2020… and why.

  2. The most read posts via my personal blog… and I crossed over 2,000,000 words published on that stupid thing!

  3. My 2020 Year in Review — This piece frames my 2021… I hope each and every one of you can eventually find the alignment that I’ve found.

And then finally… I’m doing a ton of educational courses this coming year where I’m going to teach everything that I know to as many people as I can.

The first event is this Sunday — maybe I’ll see you there?

Love you all. Have a wonderful New Years!!

To infinity & community,

— john