Sobriety Rules Everything Around Me...

... and it's as boring as you might think.

Hey friend,

I really enjoyed our chats this week; especially the one where I got to see a little of your Mexico hide-out; I won’t lie, I’m a bit jelly.

But I’m even more happy about the fact that you’re taking time out for yourself and that you’re making the most important investments that you can make: Your mental, emotional, and physical health. Because without it, as you know, we’re toast.

And as we confided in one another in that call, the hard but sobering reality is that both of our projects are running out of money. Sure, I’ve got about 3 months longer on my “runway” than you but we’ll both be out of powder by January, 2022.

Default: Dead (and staying dead) never felt so… approachable.

There’s something pretty fucking cool about being where I’m at with all of the experience that I’ve had building startups; I just know how the game is played and I’ve done it long-enough to have (luckily) experience some of the upsides and positive outcomes.

This also means that I know even more intimately what it’s like to see a project falter, fail, and ultimately find itself in a position where it needs to be put down permanently. I use those words intentionally because sometimes a founder might have a “death grip” on their baby when they really should have let go of that rotting carcass a few months (or years?!) ago.

I’m not there, of course, but I can see the end just as much as I can see the many other pathways that this project might take over the course of the next year. I’m not scared though… I’m just boringly-sober.

I’ve been here before. I know what the stakes are. I know how to get back up when I get my ass kicked to the floor. And, it’s even okay to lie there for a bit if I want to. There’s no shame in resting a bit while one catches their breath.

We’ve got one more serious “go” and I think that this is it. I swear. This is it… just like the other “its”; but, yeah… fuck… this is it, yo. … … … I love this game cause it never gets old.

To infinity & community,

— john