Start with Gratitude...

... instead of everything else.

Hey friend!

I shared this with my team and the alpha-tester community and I thought I’d share these things with you, especially because I know that we ALL need this perspective and these types of reminders.

Here’s what I shared…

I want to start my day with gratitude:

1. Grateful for long-time friends like James! I feel no different chatting with you semi-naked while working out at 38 years old… as I did when I first met you when I was 25 years old and sitting on a couch in Alpharetta, Georgia!

I can’t believe it’s been that many years!

2. I’m grateful for a product that has real, personal meaning to me and a team to help me bring it to life! I’m so grateful for Aga, Fred, Michele, and the many other folks who helped along the way.

It’s been a long journey and it’s really only just begun!

3. I’m grateful for my wife and family who are healthy and who keep me on the straight and narrow! My wife, especially, reminds me to take the time that I need to stay healthy and woke.

She’s been my rock throughout my entire career and I wouldn’t be here without her.

4. I’m grateful for our industry — the larger community-data space — and also all of the changes in our post-covid-19 world. I believe that we have a chance at redeeming that year with a great product that helps more people build stronger, better, and more useful and meaningful relationships / communities!

I think that’s a worthwhile mission and goal.

5. Finally, I’m super-grateful for clarity of mind… b/c it’s not always been like this. The first few years of the startup were working through a cloud of insanity, anxiety, grief, anger, confusion… and everything in-between. Sure, there’s much more to come but the foundational “confusion” is mostly out of the way now.

I’m grateful for clarity of thought, mind, and direction.

Love you all; to infinity & community,

— john