... shit.

Hey friend,

We didn’t get to talk much last week… sorry, that was my bad. I was having some personal issues and I couldn’t really get away from my own shit.

I mean, you know what it’s like.

Last week was… … what the fuck was last week? A serious hangover from 2020, that’s what I’ve been telling everyone.

And as I woke up Sunday morning I knew that I needed to just slow things down a bit, take smaller steps, breathe a bit more fully the air into my lungs, I knew that I should just throttle down a tad, if just for a small moment; a week will do.

I canceled the large (and very profitable) workshop that I was planning this Thursday because I knew that I needed space and time to process the events of last week. I knew that I just needed more “room” for my brain to oxygenate — you know what I’m saying? I didn’t even think twice about it.

And thank God because today I got hit in the face with a last-minute staffing challenge that I was not planning on thinking through! You see, startup world is all about not being surprised about being surprised about all the surprisingly-unsurprising shit that happens all the time to you and your team.

If that makes sense.

Love you, miss you. To infinity & community,

— john