Thank you...

... seriously, thank you.

Hey friend,

I’ll come at you straight: I loved chatting with you this past week — it’s been way too long. Thank you for picking up the phone and giving me time to just… “unpack”… a few things with you.

I really felt like you heard me, I felt appreciated and known; I felt seen.

And… it’s been too long; as you might imagine, it made a huge difference in my week this week. In fact, it may have made my month. Thank you for not giving up on me, even and especially when I act and behave like a total flaming idiot.

Like, remember that last time…? When I accidentally facetimed you when I was having a mental breakdown and you called the cops on me because you cared that much about my safety (and my family’s)?

Can you believe that that happened this year? 2020. What. Seriously, thank you.

Point is… I’m so glad we’re back and reconnected. I can’t do life without people like you in my life and I know that I should say it more aloud (and to you directly) than through a stupid email, but, this is the only way that I feel comfortable doing it right now because I’m so insecure with myself that I can’t fucking even.

Eat lots of 🦃 or whatever you eat… oh, and you kinda inspired this… just a little, not a lot. Just little.

Chat later? Cool. Love you.

— john