The Emotional Journey is...

... emotional. It is what it is.

Hey friends,

It’s been one helluva week. Fuck. I mean, I don’t know about you, but, this week I had to let someone go and that’s the worst… the absolute worst.

Thankfully, both he and were able to talk through it and I believe that both of us have come away with the same understanding: Not the right fit.

All good! No hard feelings, but, it’s still a tough process to work through and it’s even worse being on the receiving end of a dismissal — I would know after having gotten fired from half-a-dozen jobs in my lifetime.

Ugh. The. Worst.

The biggest issue is that I spent the rest of the week beating myself up about the overall “cost” of making this hire and eventual fire — I spent more than a few thousand dollars worth of my existing burn only for it to not work out!

So I spent all-day Monday, Tuesday, and the better part of Wednesday just killing myself over the decision, only to realize that I was wasting a good portion of my life agonizing over something that didn’t need any more serious time or attention.

Crazy how we do that to ourselves.

If one of your early hires doesn’t work out… that’s entirely okay. It is what it is. You’re trying to find a “needle in a haystack” and it’s entirely unfair to expect that you’re going to find the right folks via the first few attempts.

Just keep going, keep testing the waters, and be okay with hiring and firing fast — we need to do both to ensure our survival. Speed of decision making, all the things.

Another week, in the bag. We got this.


PS: Don’t beat yourself up. Seriously. Don’t.