The First Pitch Deck...

... was probably the best one I've ever done.

Hey friend,

What a week. How’s yours been? Been doing quite a bit of thinking these days about money and that’s mostly because Bitcoin is like, whoa.

But I also took a trip down memory lane and reviewed 7-ish pitch decks that I had created for the YEN project — kinda crazy to see (and study) them with a lot of distance and time.

Oh, the places we have been.

Naturally, I thought about all the pitch decks that I had ever created and the very first experience, which I shared in a previous issue here.

The first one wasn’t really much of a pitch deck at all; it was more of a long-form Memo that captured my thoughts on what we were building and how we’d get there. I couldn’t find the original memo that eventually lead to us raising my first “venture raise” of $25k but I found the second one which was entirely based on the first.

Like the NSPIRE Accelerator, I was pitching both product and a services company and hoping to win not just money but also free office space. I managed to not only do that but they gave us a generous budget to upscale the office environment:

Eventually, we moved most of that money into building a dream office environment with stand-up arcade games, a kickass meeting room with custom 8-bit art and a Triforce glass door inspired by Zelda!

We went from this:

… to this:

Whatever I was doing was actually working.

Strangely, I stopped doing these memos and moved toward the more typical “pitch decks” that followed “best practices” because I felt like I should probably “level up” those parts of my operational skillset.

Honestly, my pitching results got worse and I asked other folks to do it for me.

I lost confidence in my own abilities and it took many years for me to regain the confidence that I needed to pitch again. This is partly why I took a break from the CEO role in many of the companies that followed.

I should have just trusted myself to deliver the needed and necessary information to the folks who wanted to hear it in the most comfortable way, for me.

That has made all the difference.

To infinity & community,

— john