The Hardest Thing About Being Yourself...

... is being yourself.

Hey friends, how are you all doing?

Seriously, what a crazy fucking week — I want to clorox and/or lysol a big part of my brain this week based on all the insanity that seems to crop up, on the daily!

Oh, and by-the-fucking-way: Do not, for any reason, drink or ‘inject’ cleaning solution(s) into your body. Period. Full-stop.

OMFG, why am I even saying this right now.


In other news… my ADHD is acting up again!

… seriously folks, answer me this: Of all the problems that you encounter as a CEO / Founder (and other creative leader or builder), how many of them (or what %) are caused by your own insecurities?

I think you’ll find that many of them (if not most of them) are based on just that! Part of this is our own inability to love and respect oneself; that is to say, many of us still do not know how to love and be kind to ourselves.

I’ll give you a second to ponder this… … …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… … … …

… that was more than a second, but, what do you think? The last tough conversation that you had with _____fill_in_the_blank_____… did it go badly because of what they said or how you responded to what they said? Was it based upon something that made you feel insecure?

Ooph, that’s hard medicine.

Being oneself, as a leader, is insanely-difficult operationally. It requires the right people at the right time and in the right place and with the right frame of mind. Essentially, it requires a near-perfect set of variables to be in-play and aligned.

Good luck with that!

No, just kidding. I wouldn’t leave you hanging just like that, now, would I?