The Most Important Skill to Develop...

... is actually not a skill at all.

Hey friend,

I recited my pitch > 3,000+ times this past weekend (1,000 times on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) for a pitch competition that just got done:

And guess what? I placed 3rd:

And it reminded me that the most important skill in startuplandia isn’t actually a skill at all; it’s a decision, a repeat decision that you have to make with yourself every single day that you wake up.

It’s the decision to do what most folks will never do. It’s deciding that you want to do something more with your life than just “clocking in” and collecting a paycheck. It’s deciding that your life is yours and that no one will make it (more) amazing than you.

You are responsible and if you want things that most people don’t have

… you must be willing to do things that most people won’t. Like, practicing a pitch 3,000 times for a pitch competition. When was the last time you did something like that? And, for what?

I’d love to know.

To infinity & community,

— john