Uncomfortable = Learning

... or why do I want such strange things?

Hey friend,

It’s been a bit of a rough week. As you know I “lightened” the team by 2 this week which leaves me with “the” skeleton crew of me and my + 1 (who’s been with me for nearly a year now!).

It couldn’t be helped and thankfully both dismissals were more than amicable; the door is wide open for them to return when they are better and there’s more work for them to do.

Right now my focus is 100% product and just “life support” systems; anything else is a distraction and must be killed. And the hard thing about startups is that distractions are not just mildly-annoying, they may actually kill you.


I’ve also had to (re)roadmap 4 or 5 times as our progress changes due to technical and staffing surprises and, at the right time and with enough distance, I’ll be able to share more of the details of the last 4 or 5 months… and what all went down.

… it’s all… just so uncomfortable. Oh, hey, look at what I wrote down to myself a year ago:

Right. That’s nice John. The thing is, at least in startuplandia, you don’t have to go looking for trouble to find yourself uncomfortable, most of the time. You just have to wake up, open up your inbox, and breathe the f.u.b.a.r.-ness of your startup.

I mean, we all know that every single startup is an absolute shit show… and that know one really knows what they’re doing, really.

And yet, we make progress, right?

A year ago I drew the below concepts of the platform and product, just after I had penned those thoughts above on “looking for opportunities to be uncomfortable”…

… … … 🤦🏻‍♂️

And yet… we make progress. We continue to press forward, day by day… by day… by day. This is our joy, it is our burden, and we know that our investment is meaningful, even if the outcomes are not the ones we want.

I’m desperate to believe that to be true.

To infinity & community,