What is a Personal Brand Anyways...

... and does it matter in today's world?

Hey friend,

I missed a few calls from you the other day and I’m sorry — I saw them but I simply couldn’t pick them up because I was having a “moment”; you know what I mean.

Thankfully, we were able to connect this morning, even if brief, so that we can confirm that we’re both still very much alive… cause this startup shit is taking people out.

︻╦╤─ - - - - 😵 (where 😵 is a “startup founder”)

This afternoon I had a few moments to myself, which is rare these days, and if I’m able I try to attack the forever-growing mountain of data that I’m consuming, sorting, filing, and then using.

In other words, I spent the afternoon cleaning out Dropbox; what the fuck is my life.

But I found an old SSH Key that lead me to an old STFP credential that, when used, reminded me of a handful of old “personal branding pages” that I had designed for myself over the years.

Here’s a few of them (that still work):

And there’s probably more than another dozen (or two) that are hosted in random locations or built (and forgotten) in the dark recesses of the internet.

So here’s the point: As I sat here cleaning them out I realized that I gradually felt less and less inclined to build them, especially as my self-confidence grew as a productive member of society.

Personal branding was a useful exercise (and even scientific experiment) back when it wasn’t really “a thing” but now one’s work on the internet is as good as most personal branding pages, especially in a search-first world.

But, you don’t always get to choose the content that surfaces first and so being intentional about one’s personal brand — and the work they put on the internet — is still a really good idea, if you have the time, interest, and inclination.

And if you’ve gotten this far without any serious work… then, well… fuck it. Who cares. You do you.

To infinity & community,

— john