Will You (Eventually) Hire...

... a Chief of Staff?

Hey friends,

As you know, my team is growing and we’re getting closer and closer to releasing our mv-fucking-p to the world — when, you ask? I’m not entirely sure, but, it’s imminent and if we don’t ship it this year I’m going to lose my mind.

(No, I won’t do that… but, I’ll be disappointed in myself if we don’t pull that off.)

In any case, in preparations for growth I wanted to get a little bit ahead and start thinking about the cast of characters that I’m going to need around me when things really start hitting 💯; one of those roles is a “Chief of Staff” or what I like to refer as “Majordomo”.

I’ve provided a few more thoughts via the vlog and this thread on Twitter.

Have you ever hired or work for an organization that had a CoS? What was that experience like and was it useful or did it get in the way of (communication) performance? I don’t have much experience in this department so I’m looking for any guidance that I know some of you have. “Reply” to this email or hit me up.

Thanks! Love you all.