Your "Best" is What You Tolerate...

... and what we tolerate becomes our culture.

Hey friends.

Another great week is in the bag! Or, perhaps, a long one. Groundhog Day anyone?!

Okay, I’ll get right to it — here’s a thought I had this week that’s been really mind-fucked me, in a really positive way:

Your best is what you tolerate and what you tolerate becomes part of your fundamental, operating culture.

For instance, if you allow folks to miss their deadlines, consistently, then, you’ve communicated to your team that it’s okay to say one thing and do another.

The result is a sub-optimal organization. Period.

If you tolerate people being assholes to one another… then, guess what? That’s going to be a cornerstone to your business and team culture.

Don’t put up with bullshit… let’s clean it up before it’s too late. Let’s have those tough conversations that we all know we need to have. Let’s have them sooner, not later.

Good luck.