Your Calendar Betrays You...

... or, it reveals your true priorities.

Hey friends,

I ranted a bit on Twitter re: 1-on-1’s but the TL;DR: is this: Your calendar doesn’t lie and what you prioritize (and how you organize) reveals your true feelings about the work that you do and the people that you do that work with.

Sobering thought, to be honest.

Here’s an intellectual exercise that another CEO / Founder and friend of mine did this past week:

We wondered aloud how we’d feel about publicly sharing our weekly calendar with our staff & team. And, if we didn’t feel like we could… we asked why.

Ooph. That might sting.

Now, for some, their calendar is like sacred ground and no one, not even the owner, can fuck with it. (This, of course, seems extreme, but I know too many of you where this is exactly how you think and behave! I got you fam. 😉)

And remember — this isn’t about transparency and it’s not a reflection of one’s “authenticity” or anything like that. What it’s about our fundamental beliefs and behaviors and the question that is begging to be asked:

Are those two aligned as tightly as I need them to be?

When you say one thing but you behavior communicates something opposite… you are effectively a liar and no one really wants to work for someone like that.

Would you?